Thursday, October 2, 2008

Week Of 9/28 and 10/5

Tuesday 9/30 6-8PM Offense
Wednesday 10/1 6-8PM Defense/Scrimmage
Thursday 10/2 6-8Pm Offense


Tuesday 10/7 6-8 PM Offense
Thursday 10/9 6-8 PM Defense
Saturday 10/11 8-10 Offense


Story Rd. West towards 101.
Exit Decoto Rd. East
Left Alvarado Niles Rd.
James Logan High School is on the Right Side
1800 H St, Union City, CA

Be there by 9:30 AM for weigh-ins

Thursday, September 25, 2008


The date has been set for the team retreat.

SATURDAY Oct. 18th @ 8PM

LASERQUEST!!!!!!!!! 2 private games among the Wolfpack of East Hills. Lunch following the games in a private room.

1400 N Shoreline Blvd
Ste C3
Mountain View, CA 94043
(650) 965-9800

Monday, September 22, 2008

Passing Tree

Passing can be effective if everyone on offense is working together. The first aspect of passing is pass protection. This means the OL needs to give their QB time. The second aspect are the routes the WR's run. The QB takes a 3-step or a 5-step drop on most pass plays. This means that the WR has to run their route precisely in order to match the timing with the QB. Below is our passing tree for review. Please take the time to go over these routes.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Schedule Week of 9/21

Tuesday 9/23 - Practice 6-8pm Defense
Wesnesday 9/24 - Team Picture Day. 5:45PM SHARP with HOME JERSEYS. RED TOP AND RED PANTS!!!! RED SOCKS!
Thursday 9/25 - Practice 6-8pm Offense
Friday 9/26 - Practice 6-8 Off/Def/Special Teams
Saturday 9/27 - 11:00am HOME game vs. Evergreen.

Peewees: be there by 9:30 to weigh in

Parents: Check in with Margaret 408-629-3371

Player spotlight: Daniel "the Beast" Perez

Today's player spotlight goes to one of our rising stars in the Peewee division. The Beast, as his team mates like to call him, is not only a team leader vocally, but he sets examples for the other players by always playing 100%. He is only 10 years old with lots and lots of potential. His wonderful mom is the Wolfpack team mom, and his older brother is one of the coaches. They make football a family affair, which is exactly what East Hills football is all about. FAMILY.

Beast plays iron-man football. He starts on both offense and defense, and all the special team units. He leaves no man behind as he is always there for his fellow teammates.

Whacha gotta say Beast?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Running Game Review

The team that controls the running game controls the clock and tempo of the game. The heart of the running game for us is our Offensive Line. And let me tell you, this line has talent. Your starting OL for the East Hills Wolfpack.

LT Jacob "too tall" Laredo
LG Edward "slow down" Eaton
C Sahil "the hammer" Kamboj
RG Erik "Sharky" Vargas
RT Daniel "the beast from the hills of the east" Perez

You need to start realizing how much potential you guys have as a group. The person I'm most concerned about on the line is Sharky. But I expect Beast, Eddie and Sahil, the veterans on this team to help Sharky.

The following video will show that the OL can open the holes.

On GO, Jacob blocked down and Beast pulled out and kicked the end out. Jaime hit the hole well, but Jaime, you made your cut to the inside, right into the Linebackers (LBs). You also were not running, you were side stepping after you hit the hole. Next time Jaime, take the ball to the outside. Freddy, pay attention to the route Jaime takes. Instead of turning to his right, he should have turned to his left, SPRINTED to the sideline, and up the field. Last note. When Jaime is getting tackled, I see a bunch of white jerseys standing around. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. Until the whistle is blown guys, you hit anyone not wearing the same color as you.

OFFENSIVE LINE: You guys need to understand, you guys are the warriors of our team. Not only do you protect your QB, you open holes for your RB. But there are even more responsibilities!

1. After every run, the offensive line should be the first ones to help OUR RB up, and to make sure the other team isn't playing dirty against our RB. OL should be helping every one of us up! even each other!
Same goes for every pass play. Protect your QB, and after the WR or TE is tackled, be the first ones to help him up.
2. NEVER let your QB get punked. no matter what you 5 have his back.
3. RUN FROM THE HUDDLE TO THE LINE. you guys set the tone of the offense.

This next video is of Freddy on a 5-4 Cross Dive

A couple of things on this play I liked and also disliked. First thing you will notice is that you guys took 15 seconds to get set. UNACCEPTABLE. As I said earlier the OL needs to set the tone by running up to the line and getting ready, but Matt, you are ultimately the one in control of your huddle. Second thing, you will notice before the ball is snapped, a parent called out Lynden's name, and DURING the play, Lynden turns around and waves at his parents. When you are on the field, you guys need to be paying attention to the game. I don't mind you guys waving to the stands, when you are on the sideline. Jaime, Sergio, and Sharky, you guys messed up on the cross blocking. BUT, the bright side is that Freddie hit this hole hard for an easy 6 yards. This is something our offense can do every down!

This last video is a 54 Counter Guard pull Right:

I like that the WR's all ran their routes pretty hard. I saw Beast pull right, excellent! What I don't like is that Sergio stood straight up on this play, and chased his defender into our backfield, which blew the whole play. Sergio, its important you fire off the ball on GO. with a little practice, you will be on top of it, but you have to really tell yourself on every play, FIRE OFF THE BALL QUICKLY!

Freddy, remember hit the holes hard. Arm on the side of the hand-off is the arm that is up. Don't dance, and always, always thank your line for yards you gain.



Hi everyone. Welcome to your East Hills Wolfpack Peewee's team weblog! Thank you Nhi for putting in the time to build this site. I'm excited about what we can do here. This blog will be a great source of information, such as times of practices for the week, pics, videos, and other information. This site will be fun. I thought a great way to coach the team is through their mistakes. I will be posting as many videos as I can that will show you guys what you are doing right and might possibly be doing wrong. Everyone who visits this blog will have a chance to comment on every entry made. Please keep these comments appropriate!